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Virgin Sharks: The Soundtrack for the Movie in Your Head is a free album of music intended as an accompaniment to, and extension of, the novelette The Virgin Birth of Sharks.  (And don’t miss the free soundtrack to my novel Luck and Death at the Edge of the World over here.)

But you don’t need to buy the book to enjoy the Virgin Sharks album!

CD 01B

You can stream the songs online or download the entire album in MP3 format and listen to it on your preferred device. Either way you get nine great tracks from a roster of musicians and composers in seven countries, all at no charge.

To find out more about the book and the creation of the soundtrack, see the About page.

CD 04

The album comes with the option of two different cover designs. This Version is shown near the top of the page, while That Version is shown directly above.


Nas Hedron

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